A Profile of Marshall J. Field, Real Estate Advisory Group

August 24, 2018
Marshall J. Field

In Calabasas, California, Marshall J. Field leads a consortium called the Commercial Real Estate Advisory Group. This makes sense, since Marshall has been active in the field of real estate for some time. He has been directing the sale of commercial real estate assets since 2008, and he is considered a good real property specialist. In his career, he has managed to arrange for the financing of a wide variety of commercial real estate projects, including full developments, stand-alone construction projects and even value-added projects.

Property owners looking to sell can use his firm to fully analyze and source commercial real estate acquisitions. Throughout his decade-long career, Marshall J. Field has demonstrated a distinct ability to secure funding from a diverse range of resources, such as banks and a great many non-bank resources, too. Part of his strategy over the years, has been to develop a strong network of capital resources and what he has available now is impressive. Under his leadership, for example, his firm, Commercial Real Estate Advisory Group has built a strong relationships with REO’s Bank Notes.